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A Real Amusement Park for the South

For some time now we have floated ideas on this site to get an understanding of just what you the public would like to see in an attraction here in the South. 

The first question was where would you be willing to travel to, so we looked for a location starting with New Orleans by suggesting that we rebuild the old Six Flags Park. We pursued that idea for several years with a City that was less than interested in having that park reopened. So, at long last after spending both time and money it became clear that Jazzland /Six Flags was now beyond repair and so we moved our operations to Mississippi and started looking at what this market would be willing to support.

In order to find out what would work and what would maybe be a step too far, we started floating different ideas in public and monitoring the public response to each idea. (Yes, what you think really matters to us) some ideas seemed to work but for the most part it became very clear that what you desired most was a Major Amusement Park in the South not just another small venue like the one that is about to be built. Yes, that kind of venue has its place and we wish them every success!

So, after long debate and hard-fought dealings with investors and with the priceless input from people just like you we have taken the decision to build a Major Amusement park in the Biloxi Mississippi Area.

It will add one more year to our efforts but we feel now that we have a final direction it will be worth the wait.       

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